Couples Training

bride2That special wedding day in a few months time?
Planning a holiday together?
Want to lose that baby weight?
Training for a charity run?
Want to spend more quality time together?
Couple's personal training could be your solution if you both have busy working schedules and want to look, feel and be fitter together.  By sharing a fun workout it is a great way to enjoy your time together and paves the way to a new and healthy active lifestyle together.

Accountability, focus and dual purposes.

It is always easier to exercise when you have a partner.  With the extra motivation and commitment to each other, getting up in the morning for a run or even what you are cooking for dinner, it all becomes easier.  I will take into consideration both your busy schedules, your seperate goals and requirements and also your individual fitness levels.  This way you still benefit from customised programmes as an individual but also as a couple. I believe this is the best way to train, not only when you are training with me during sessions but in between sessions you will help each other focus and keep each other on track.


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Social Support Matters

Couple’s personal training is a very powerful mechanism which enables you to support each other’s fitness efforts in a very focused way. Because you are training together, you’ll gain new insight into each other’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how to offer support.  My programmes will include meal plans for two so you can enjoy eating together without worrying about cooking different meals, workouts to ensure you interact with each other and work together, discounts on local restaurants to make sure you still can wine and dine together and much much more!



More than just personal training...

Couple’s personal training will boost more than your fitness levels.  You will have something new to talk about, finding new activities and hobbies to do, be proud of achieving your goals together and most importantly have fun and enjoyment together.  Combining your partner and fitness can really lift your relationships to new healthy heights. Share an activity and strengthen your bodies while boosting your love life. Couple’s personal training really connects you with your loved one, improving your body image, your mood and your love life.