Before we begin.....

blood pressureBefore we begin our amazing lifestyle changing journey together, we start with a FREE consultation & taster session.  This is where we go over and discuss with you what you want to achieve, your previous and current exercise history, any postural and injury problems, nutrition, work schedules, stress factors, sleeping cycles and anything you like or disliked with previous or current exercise programs you have done.  This discussion will provide vital information along with a kickstart guide to nutrition and how the body works.

It will also include a weight and measure assessment, Blood pressure and resting heart rate reading, body fat analysis (optional) and a shoulder flexibility test to evaluate shoulder mobility.  Once this has been completed, we can provide our solutions and strategies to allow you to start your journey of reaching your goals!

Please note the consultation and taster session can last upto 2 hours.

Contact me to arrange your free consultation or call 07713 899709



Get Fit With Kit is a Mobile personal training service. So I will be training you in the comfort of your own home, workplace, or local parks for a truly fun and effective workout. No equipment required, everything is bought to you for your workout sessions.

Find out more about my packages and how working together we will acheive your goals!