Q. Why would I need a personal trainer?

 Everyone can benefit from a personal trainer

  • Whether they are a complete beginner needing advice and guidance in order to exercise correctly and have the correct nutritional plans;
  • The motivation and coaching to pursue new habits and lifestyles changes.
  • A regular active exerciser needing professional knowledge to improve the effectiveness of their training and to push past their plateau.
  • An athlete wanting to fine tune their strengths and weaknesses, improve their movements, speed and conditioning to achieve overall better performance.

Q. How often should I train?

This is entirely up to yourself, what you want to achieve and how quickly you want to achieve it.  It will be based on your current fitness levels and it may change during the course of our journey.  As you get fitter and healthier you may want to increase the number of sessions.  Generally I would recommend my clients to resistance train at 2 or 3 times a week and a mix of resistance and cardio training upto 4 or 5 times a week to increase your heart rate, working your muscles and get a good sweat on to speed up metabolism, burn fat and aid in toning up.  Cardio training can include going for a brisk walk or a light jog, not only will this help improve your fitness and help you lose weight but it will also clear your mind and help with decreasing stress levels.

Q. I am very unfit and have not exercised in years - can GFWK help?

I certainly can and everyone needs to start somewhere! You can get a personal trainer at any level of fitness and with goals however big or small. No matter what your current fitness level is, or what you perceive it to be, we can work together to obtain your goals and get you fit, healthy and stronger physically and mentally than you have ever been before. I use structured tailored programs to maximise results and my aim as a personal trainer is to help you achieve realistic goals in realistic time periods and once you have completed a program with me, I want to have empowered you with lifestyle changing habits helping you form new targets and aspirations.

Q. Am I to old to start exercising?

You are never to old to exercise, age is just a number. In fact the best thing you can do is to exercise, ensuring you stay healthy, strong, and flexible allowing you to do the things you love doing most. I will always provide a safe workout and my number one rule is your safety over anything else.

Q. Will you need to ask questions about my lifestyle?

As a fitness coach & personal trainer I will need to discuss with you current and previous lifestyle habits and any medical issues. This will be discussed during our initial free consultation, typically the consultation will include questions about:

  • Medical background
  • Fitness background
  • Lifestyle factors (e.g. smoking or drinking, sleeping and working habits)
  • Nutritional habits
  • Personal goals

If there is a potential medical condition that could prevent you from safe participation in an exercise program, I will refer you to a health professional for prior clearance such as a GP. It is important for you to let me know of any pre existing medical conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease etc in order for us to determine a safe and effective workout program which is both beneficial and fun for you.

Q. I am very conscious of my figure, will you be taking measurements?

I will only take your measurements with your consent if you want to monitor your body fat percentage and to effectively see a difference over a period of time following our training schedule. I will always endeavour to do this in a professional manner.  If you do not want to be measured, it is certainly not the end of the world.  A before and after photo can tell just as much (if not more) as numbers on the scales and measuring tape.